What's Next?
While we continue to raise money for local students who cannot afford lessons on their own, Storyboard Studios is recording a local's compilation album and will have a benefit event where you can pick up a copy. All album sales will too go to this project. As our goal is set at $2,500, we hope this is just the beginning. As Storyboard continues to grow and expand, it is our goal to help every student who cannot afford to learn an instrument. Therefore, we will continue to raise more than our desired goal!

Storyboard Gives

Over the last 5 years, Storyboard has had 18 students either deny music lessons or quit early on because the family could not afford to continue lessons or afford an instrument to practice at home. Simultaneously, schools are slowly declining individual lessons due to time constraints, classroom sizes and lack of resources. Therefore, we want to do something about it.

How We Will Help
Storyboard Studios in Peachtree City is starting a project to help fund students and aspiring artists who can't afford a first instrument or series of music lessons for themselves. Every donation will go to a student that applies here, giving them the resources they need to get started on their musical journey. Student's can choose anything the studio offers including guitar, drums, piano, vocals, songwriting, recording and/or engineering.

For Donors and Recipients

Where Your Money Will Go
Each donation will be split according to a student's need. Here's a price breakdown to see where all donations would go:
- A beginning instrument and/or recording program per student: $150-$200
- 4 weeks of music lessons with a professional teacher in studio per student: $120
- Credit towards future lessons and a year's worth of resources for continued education per student: $100

How We Will Select A Student In Need
As we know many will apply, to ensure integrity, every potential student will apply through our website here.

What Is The Financial Goal?
We wanted to set a reasonable goal at $2,500 as this amount will help 6 students (giving roughly $400 per student) receive an instrument and get started. All donations will be handled by the studio and there will be no cash transactions to accepted students. The money raised will go directly to purchase instruments at cost and to the selected teachers for lessons.