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Brand New

Brand New

At our studio, we've been getting some questions lately about Electronic Press Kits (or EPK's). Things like, "What should be on it, who should it be geared towards, etc.?" There is a simple idea we use as a rule of thumb when managing bands and talking about what needs to be on their EPK. There are three things that venues, booking agents, headlining bands, and labels want to be able to have access to (and have access to with ease!). They want to be able to:

  - Hear you
  - See you
  - Know you

That's it! They want to know that if they book you, people will come. They want to know that if they sign with you, people will continue to respond well. They want to know that if they work with you, you look and sound awesome and are one killer band or artist. Put a section or page on your site dedicated to your music (not your cover songs... unless you're a cover band). Then have a section where they can see a video of a live performance. They want to know exactly what they're getting themselves in to.

Then, have a spot that has a SHORT bio (I don't want to read an essay) about you, the venues you've played and other people in the industry you've worked with. Lastly, make sure your social media buttons are easy to find on your page. They're going to want to see your interactions and views.

A second piece, in looking professional, don't make the person viewing you have to search through 10 different pages, websites and social media accounts to figure out who you are. When someone wants to sign with Storyboard, if they send us 5 links and say "check us out," I'm not going to. But if a group sends me one link and on that page is everything I want, I will spend time listening, watching and reading. Make it easy on the person you want to impress. 

The biggest thing to remember is an EPK is NOT for the fans. You won't have a store in your EPK, you won't have a fan page in your EPK, and you definitely won't have a personal blog in your EPK. Save that for your regular website, Facebook or fan-site. 

Here's an example of what you should do - (although I personally would want a live video as well)

If you are in need of a professional Press Kit, contact us and we can help you out!

Share your thoughts below. What do you think is the hardest thing about creating an EPK? Is yours currently holding you back? Or, what have you found to be successful in yours?