Our studio offers recording of all types of music. Please take a listen to our recording samples to make sure our studio is what you're looking for. Whether you're a singer/songwriter looking to lay down ideas or a band in need of an album, we've got you covered! 

Can't pay for a full length album up front? Check out our Record Now, Pay Later option.

We also offer mixing services and have relationships with studios for your mastering needs. 

Rates for tracking and mixing vary depending on the project, time projections and longevity of the client. Contact us for any and all info.

Record Now, Pay Later

We know the importance of being able to hand someone your hard work and creativity through your recorded album or EP. Whether they buy it from iTunes, stream it from Spotify or buy it directly from you at a local show, we want them to be able to hear what you have to offer them. 

Regardless, paying for an album in one lump sum is hard, and often times crowd funding like Kickstarter and Indiegogo might not be a band or artist's preferred way to pay for an album. But what if you could pay for your album just like you pay for your car? (Except we won't charge you interest). A small payment once a month for a year. 

At Storyboard, our dream is to see bands succeed. That's why we've created an option for you to pay for your album in monthly installments over the course of a year. Payments are based on the hours spent in the studio + mixing and mastering. Once the math is done, we divide it by 12 and that's the monthly amount you pay. As simple as that. 

For more of the fine print and how it works, click here.

Otherwise, contact us now to get started and record your album!